EE515/IS523: Security 101: Think Like an Adversary

Presentation Evaluation

Note that this criteria is applied to both paper/project presentation

  • First score evaluation guideline (25 %): Mechanics of Communication
    • Did the speaker(s) make effective use of visual aids?
    • Was the talk audible from every seat in the room?
    • Did the speaker avoid distractive movement and gesture?

  • Second score evaluation guideline (25 %): Presentation
    • Was the talk well presented? (e.g., no major typos, no slides out of order, good time management?)
    • Did the speaker strive to keep the audience's attention? (e.g., eye contact, varying voice and facial expression, movement, humor, mystery, surprise.)
    • Was the speaker attentive to the needs of the audience? (e.g., "You might think X, but", "the point of this was", this sounds similar to X, but", "you might misread this chart because", "can you see from the back?")

  • Third score evaluation guideline (50 %): Content
    • Did the intro make it clear what the talk would be about?
    • Did the speaker strive to make subtle ideas simpler?
    • Did the speaker minimize the amount of information used to illustrate concepts?
    • Did the conclusion summarize the important ideas and results?
    • Did the talk effectively summarize research in the area to other members of the class?
    • Was there a clear distinction between prior results and any results from this project?