EE515/IS523: Security 101: Think Like an Adversary

Every scientific research starts from finding new problems. Likewise, the most important step in security research is to discover new attacks. Today, media is filled with attacks on various systems: Web servers, DNS, Internet banking, e-voting systems, cellular networks, social networks, mobile phones, nuclear power plants, and implantable medical devices. These attacks are originated from various vulnerabilities, such as user interface design, ignorance or security by obscurity, deployment mistakes, and physical exposure. The main objective of this course is to learn how to think like an adversary. In other words, we will look at various ingenuous attacks and discuss why and how such attacks were possible. This is the first crucial step to design and deploy systems robust against various attacks.

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Basic Information

Lecture: Thu 13:00 - 16:00, Room 110 N1 (IT Convergence Building)

Instructor: Yongdae Kim
Email: yongdaek (at)
Office: Room 201 N26 (CHiPs Building)
Office hours: TBD (also possible by sending me an e-mail and Google/Facebook Chat)

EE TA: Eunkyu Lee (ekleez (at)
GSIS TA: Jaeseung Choi (jschoi17 (at), Donghwan Kwon (prious (at), Jiho Lee (jiholee (at)
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