IS 511: Introduction to Information Security

This is an introductory graduate course on Computer Security. It will cover a broad variety of elementary topics in security, focusing on the scientific principles involved in various security technologies, rather than the specifics of any particular technology. For example, we will discuss firewalls in this course: after this course, you will probably not know which commercial firewall to pick or the exact details of how to configure it; but you will know what a firewall can do (in general) to protect a computer system and what are the inherent limitations of firewalls. The primary emphasis of this course is on preparing students for research in security, and teaching how to apply security principles to research in other CS fields. However, students interested in practicing security will learn important principles that a more applied course might not teach. 

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Basic Information

Lecture: Tue/Thu 10:30 - 12:00, Room 113 N1 (IT Convergence Building)

  • Yongdae Kim  yongdaek(at), N26 #201 Office hours: TBD
  • Brent Byunghoon Kang  brentkang(at), N5 #2315, Office hours: TBD
  • Seungwon Shin claude(at), N1 #910, Office hours: TBD
  • Sang Kil Cha   sangkilc(at), N5 #2319, Office hours: TBD
  • Jooyoung Lee   hicalf(at), N5 #2318, Office hours: TBD
  • Sooel Son   sl.son(at), N5 #2312, Office hours: TBD

  • TAs:
    - Jiho Lee, jiholee(at)                   (Prof. Yongdae Kim / Prof. Sang Kil Cha)
    - Seungsoo Lee, lss365(at)           (Prof. Brent Byunghoon Kang / Prof. Seungwon Shin / Prof. Sooel Son)
    - Seongkwang Kim, ksg0923(at)   (Prof. Yongdae Kim / Prof. Jooyoung Lee)

    Office hours: TBD

    Mailing list
    - Profs + TAs: IS511_prof(at)
    - Profs + TAs + Students: IS511_student(at)