EE515: Security of Emerging Systems

Every scientific research starts from finding new problems. Likewise, the most important step in security research is to discover new attacks. New systems, such as self-driving automobiles, drones, 5G/6G cellular networks, Blockchain and machine learning continuously emerge. These new systems often come with completely new vulnerabilities, caused by its inherent design. Adversarial example against machine learning is an excellent example of new attacks on new systems. How can we find those unknown vulnerabilities from emerging systems? What kind of security problems these new systems have? These attacks are originated from various vulnerabilities, such as user interface design, ignorance or security by obscurity, deployment mistakes, and physical exposure. In this class, we learn methods to find these vulnerabilities in emerging systems with various case studies. We will look at various ingenuous attacks and discuss why and how such attacks were possible. This is the first crucial step to design and deploy systems robust against various attacks.

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Basic Information

Lecture: Mon/Wed 1:00 PM - 2:30 PM, On-site for Professors (N1 #113)

Instructor: Yongdae Kim
Office: Room 201 N26 (CHiPs Building)
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